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About me...

I am a Hungarian photographer from Debrecen. I am happy to have a job what I really love to do.

In the beginning, I was interested in object photo shooting, which I found really creative. Later, because of the ease of challenge I was looking for something new. I tried out many different themes and topics, until I realised the human photo shooting is the one, I enjoy the most. By time, I turned to the wedding photography, which is the best for me.

I love, that I can create something valuable, which will be a little treasure of the family by time. They will look back at the Big Day with pleasure, what I could spend with them. While I am working my goal is to capture all the unique, priceless and most beautiful moments. I like especially the pure pictures with natural background.

I believe, to see the beauty is a gift born with all of us. The beauty is everywhere and we are always surrounded by it. I feel gifted in the way, that I can last these moments for eternity.

"You are maybe just looking for the perfect photographer,
but they have already found him."
Judit és Csaba

"The whole photo shooting was a unique experience with Ákos and we enjoyed every single moment of it. Mainly, because everything was just so natural, Ákos gave a perfect guide and we just had to be the way we are, we did not have to fake anything. In all of his pictures we can see truly ourselves and how wonderful our relationship is. We are satisfied with everything; the pictures, the experience, the atmosphere and how fast it was. It was also a pleasure to see a professional photographer working, who loves his job this much. "

Judit and Csaba

Niki és Erhard

"It was fantastic working with Ákos. He is responsible for his job, but next to professionalism, he also uses humor, by that we also got a lot. It was amazing just to be a part of such an experience. The pictures are more beautiful than we have ever dreamt about. He did a wonderful job. It is also remarkable, that he works fast, as we did not have to wait much after the wedding to get our photos. So we recommend him for all, who want precise work in a good atmosphere."

Niki and Erhard

Eszter és Ákos

"We first met Ákos on our friends’ wedding, where he also took some super pictures of us. We did not expect that in less than one year, he will capture the most beautiful moments on our wedding. He was a perfect choice. We knew this, when we were just engaged and he did amazing pictures of us. We also enjoyed the creative photo shooting. We were not nervous the whole atmosphere was pleasant and so, we loved every single moment of it. On our wedding we did not even realise his presence it was so natural and professional how he worked. The result will always be pleasant to look at after many years. We found that he is a great person, not just by his professionalism, but also by his personality. His kindness, humor, openness made our time spent together a memorable experience. Thank you for everything!"

Eszter and Ákos

Era és Peti

"The photo shooting was pleasant and cheerful. We had a lot of ideas regarding the venue of the creative photo shoot. We changed multiple times, but he stayed patient and gave us suggestions and advice constantly. We can say, that at the end we did a great choice both on photographer and venue. The result is stunning. We got beautiful pictures. It is always pleasant and heartwarming to look back at our Big Day, what was captured in real pictures. These were intimate, cheerful and happy, so truly describe the whole atmosphere of our wedding."

Era and Peti

Anett és Imi

"Dear Ákos! We would like to thank you for all the pictures what you did of our Big Day! Thank you for your flexible collaboration and your professional knowledge. We really love to look at all the creative pictures you did and the album you made is just wonderful. It was so much easier to show the pictures to family members too. Thank you so much! "

Anett and Imi

Mariann és Zsolti

"Ákos was the best choice, as he is really creative and does precise job. Our photo shooting was pleasant, we could release all the stress and anxiety. He helped us with many advice to make our look more beautiful. He could capture all the important moments, which we will show to others with pride, even after 20 years. We were satisfied not just with his work, but with him as a person because, he was very precise which is essential on a very strictly scheduled day. We would choose him again. Thank you!"

Mariann and Zsolti

Dia és Tibi

"If I were asked how was him as our photographer, I would definitely say very smart, moreover persistent with us. We were not a couple with regular, simple ideas at all. You were up and down and climbing, I guess you would have gone into the lake too, if you thought it was really needed. We had many venues and tools, which made it hard to do it all in one day, but you have managed. And as people learn until death you will be just better; maybe even better than now. I would recommend you to everybody."

Dia and Tibi

Nikolett és Miklós

"We would like to recommend to all the couples preparing for their wedding a really good photographer, who perfectly capture every single moment and important details precisely. He does everything for the couples. Furthermore, the wedding book is absolutely amazing, so let’s keep it short we can just recommend him to everybody."

Nikolett and Miklós

Reni és Vendel

"Not just his professionalism, but his very open style made our work together such a flow. We did not need to fake anything, everything was spontaneous. Ákos is that type of photographer, who is able to catch the most important moments without noticing his presence. We have chosen the best, so thank you so much for everything!"

Reni and Vendel

Brigi és Peti

"Firstly, we can describe Ákos by words: enthusiastic, patient, experienced and last but not least very talented. It was essential for us that our Big Day would be captured perfectly. We always had a great time with him, we never felt uncomfortable, we have just enjoyed the photo shooting. He did amazing pictures outside in the nature and what we really loved is, that he made not just regular “posing” photos but captured moments, which were just natural. He paid a lot of attention on details. We got the perfect pictures just like we imagined before. We can just recommend him to all, who want an experienced, enthusiastic and skillful photographer on their most beautiful day."

Brigi and Peti

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