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Esküvői fotózás

Depending on your needs I can capture all the events of the wedding from the preparation to the party.

All of these pictures will be a part of a complete “wedding package” in which every event can be followed. After the wedding every couple gets a compilation in digital format and also in “Wedding book”.


“We reveal moments which could have never been noticed

Első benyomás

You, dear couple, are looking for photographer with the hope of getting the best pictures. These pictures depend on the trust between the couple and the photographer.

I always recommend not to decide just by price request and pictures. Get to know each other with your future photographer! On the “Big Day” a kind of attachment is essential.

I advise to have one meeting in person, which allows to talk about the details and know each other more.


Many tend to forget the importance of the “post work” when they talk about photography. Many years back this process was done in a laboratory. Today in the professional digital photography this still exists. The photo shooting itself is just a little part of the whole, the post work needs so much more time.

Why is it necessary? To show in the pictures what we have imagined before. The camera does not know what kind of colour the photographer imagined, which would fit the best to the particular moment, what kind of contrast, white balance...etc. All of these are set in during the post work picture by picture.


The photo shooting and the retouch are connected parts of the same process, the art of image creating. A well retouched picture is perfect for first sight without noticing the background process by it was done.

During the retouch all the tiny disturbing details are edited in order to keep the attention perfectly on the picture as a whole. There is a lot of background process connected to retouch by which all the pictures will be expressive and original.

Fine Art album

The “Fine Art album” is a very practical reboot of the old type handcrafted wedding albums, which is a perfect way to show others how your Big Day looked like. The whole album is digitally edited.

The pages can be opened in 180 degrees so the double pages can be enjoyed as a panorama view.

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