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The engagement session is a romantic photo compilation of you, when you are engaged. These are done usually few weeks before the wedding. It is a great opportunity to get used to the presence of the camera. Furthermore the time spent together during the session, helps you to have a cheerful and natural behaviour on your wedding too.

Why do I recommend the engagement session? It is not that common still to order a romantic photo compilation. However by years it will be just priceless to look at these kind of pictures.

Bea és Saca

"Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures. We have never even dreamt about such beautiful colours and settings. With your professionalism and experience, we felt like real superstars. :) Thank you!"

Bea and Saca

Eszter és Ákos

"Our Engaged Photo Session was a really good experience. In the beginning we were a little bit nervous, but then we could release all the stress and we had an incredibly day spent together. We did not even notice the time flying. Ákos’s spontaneity and creativity made our work so easy. We love the result and we just can not wait our wedding photo shooting."

Eszter and Ákos

Era és Peti

"Our Engaged Photo Session had a really nice atmosphere, The best word we could describe it is: natural. We did not even notice, that we were in a photo shooting. Furthermore, Ákos was flexible and excited about our new ideas. We got the pictures very soon, after the session and not just us but, our relatives were also amazed by them. We can’t wait it to be continued on our Big Day."

Era and Peti

Zsuzsi és István

"We got our pictures and we both are really happy, all of them are so amazing. We love the different settings and it helped a lot, that you gave us some useful and practical advice beforehand. In the end we really got into this and we believe, it is remarkable in the pictures as well. We can not wait our wedding photo shooting."

Zsuzsi and István

Gyöngy és Laci

"We really love the pictures. They truly describe our love and relationship. The settings and the perspectives are really good. We did not even expect such a nice result. We did not believe, that somebody can take so beautiful pictures of us, We are so grateful for your work."

Gyöngyi and Laci

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