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With you, I gained a unique experience.

The venue itself was breathtaking and the happiness of you, made it even better. Therefore it was so easy to work there as a photographer.

Eszter and Ákos’s wedding was in Dunabogdány and in the “neighbourhood” in Visegrád we had the creative photo shooting. They were really kind to offer me spending the evening with them before their wedding. Thanks to this, I could know the whole family better and I could be a part of special rituals, which just the close family members’ privilege. Next to cheerful conversations, I was involved, how the beautiful handcrafted flower decorations were done. I am lucky that I could be a part of this. I believe that, that night meant a lot regarding my future work in wedding photography.

I will always look back with pleasure to these 2 days spent with you. I wish you a lot of happiness for lifetime!

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